Honey Jade

Owner of the Maid's BasinShe can seem reserved or stand-offish at first. Those who get to know her find she's a woman of humor and thought.She has her secrets and skeletons, of course. If she trusts you enough to talk about them, know you are counted among those she considers friends.

Race: Roegadyn (Hellsguard)
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Hight: 8 fulms
Weight:435 ponze
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Marks: Beauty mark under left eye, shallow dimple on her right cheek. Usually only visible when she smiles.
Tattoos: Things ™ happened. She no longer has tattoos
Piercings: Ears
Status: Polyamorous. Handfasted to Dogberry Himalspyr and Married to Louinaut Lafayette. Master of Vincent Shaw
Orientation: Sapiosexual

Little bits about her historyBorn in Kugane to a Doman dock worker and Hingan actress, Honey showed Magical ability before she could walk. But her mother had left right after she was born, so her father was raising her alone. Because of the fees the practitioners of Kugane wanted, Stone Tiger decided to take his daughter west, having heard the guilds there take any with ability.Both her eyes were green until an incident when she was 7. but after recent events, the crimson that stained her eyes is gone. She desperately hopes it stays that wayYou'll not find a person anywhere better at healing old scar tissue. If you can stand the pain, that is. She's not a gentle healer.

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Other CharactersI am in the process of making Carrds for all my ladies. but there's what I have so far! All are always looking for more RP and friends!

Syngiwyda OstornwynDark and gloomy, mysterious and.. spooky? This Limsian Mortician owns Guolent Funeral Home. She opened a private parlor after serving for many years in the Ossuary in Ul'dah. If you need to know what secrets the Dead can tell.. She's your Lady.Race: Roegadyn (Sea Wolf)
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Height: 7 fulms, 3 ilms
Weight: 430 ponze (She's a chubby Roe)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Marks: Beauty mark by her right eye
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Ears
Status: Single
Orientation: Straightish

RP HooksMortician - Has a loved one past and you need to make funeral arrangements? Or has someone mysteriously died and you need her to do an autopsy?Thaumaturge - Need a member of the Thaumaturgy guild to give you a hand with you practical application skills? She will cordially help you figure out the finer points of blowing things to smithereens!Aerslaent - She speaks the old tongue fluently, thanks to her father. She isn't from the First Land, but has very strong ties to it.Do you just need a somber, level-headed goth in your life?

Whispering LotusBorn and raised in a remote, isolationist village in Abalathia's Spine, she left once she was of age due to a -very- deep disagreement in how things were done. In her travels, and general figuring out of the world, her life has taken many twists and turns. So many years after leaving her small village behind, the astute woman is now a member of the Maelstrom Intelligence Bureau. She's also recently been made a non-political attache to the Flames Bureau of Investigation. Her career is certainly looking very bright!
Yes, she's short.. call her a runt and be prepared to lose some teeth.
Race: Roegadyn (Hellsguard)
Sex: Female
Age: 33
Height: 6 fulms, 3 ilms
Hair: Violet
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Marks: Beauty mark by her left eye, various small scars here and there. Most never even notice them.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Ears
Status: unsure...
Orientation: Straightish

RP HooksAn Agent of both the Maelstrom and the Flames - A member of both the MIB and FBI, she's an expert on paranormal investigations. Often it hoaxes - but she loves it when the real weird stuff starts happening.The Spine Originally from Abalathia's Spine, she's traveled around the various villages before she left it completely. Perhaps you've seen the small, plae Roegadyn before?Skeptic - perhaps you need someone to pull your character's head out of the clouds?

Kyrssmoen SylbtrachynShe's from the cold, storm-swept islands of Aerslaent, beyond the Northern Empty. Those who speak to the young Sea Wolf would note she talks with an odd, rolling accent and always talks very carefully, being sure to pronounce everything perfectly. Because she's still working on her Eorzean, she can often be found in and around the Quicksands. Watching and listening. trying to improve her language skills.Race: Roegadyn (Sea Wolf)
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Height: 7 fulms, 6 ilms
Hair: Bright Red
Eyes: Dark Blue
Distinguishing Marks:freckles across her nose and various small scars.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Ears
Status: Single
Orientation: Straightish

RP HooksAerslaent - A native of the First Land, specifically Agatwyfaisil, or Amber Water Island. It being one of the more southern islands, it's known for it's fairly dramatic sunsets /sunrises. Well, when the clouds aren't blocking the way. She loves meeting those from Aerslaent as well!Searching for her Sister - She and her sister were taken from Agatwyfaisil for their own safety after their village was attacked... along the way, they lost each other. She knows Aisbera is out there, somewhere. Her little sister is far too much of a fiery spirit to give in to circumstance! But still Kyrss searches. And may need help to find her!Learning to fight - She has a Duty to return home and avenge her father. But her fighting skills are not quite up to the task ahead of her. She searches for any mentor who might take her on to sharpen her skills, and help her chances of survival.

Interested in getting to know Honey? Awesome! More friends of all sorts (or even rivals!) are welcome. Below are a few possible RP hooks, but really, I'm open to talking about anything you might have in mind.Some of these are a little spoiler-y, so read on with that mind.

Childhood on the Steppes. Much of Honey's young life (from about 4-8) was spent travelling from tribe to tribe with her father, ever on their way westward. Might be a few who remember the Roegadyn named Stone Tiger and his shy daughter, Honey Jade. Afterall, The nomadic duo would have been a odd sight, at the least.

Business Owner. Honey is the owner of a successful business in Ul'dah. This means she's well acquainted with the Syndicate and it's laws, taxes and even gossip. She's always willing to cooperate with other business, as well. - rumor has it her involvement with The Syndicate has her name on the shortlist of potential seat candidates next time one is emptied. She finds this both ridiculous and a stupid rumor.

Importer. Honey maintains a few airships to import goods to her humble bath house from around the world. A loophole even the Syndicate takes advantage of in circumventing tariffs and fees. This means she can get her hands on near anything..

Other work Places. Honey Also works at other establishments, and you could have seen her there.
[Ichi Night club] Honey works as a bartender at Ichi. Need a drink? Want to take on the Challenge of the Five Lords? She's your Roegadyn!

The Golem of Mount Yorn. Both Garlians and Resistance members in Gyr Abania about 8 years ago would know of the dreaded Golem. A woman so marked and scarred it was the only name that fit. A being of almost impossible rage the Resistance would call friend, and the Garleans would possibly hunt for the large bounty on her head. But would they recognize that being now? Honey got very good at healing all those scars..

Tainted. Those who can sense void taint would know she's not quite the gentle giant she seems.

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